Atmosphere (Slug) – HNHH Exclusive Interview

  • swaggadigitalmagazine

    very engaging interview (8)


    I never even heard of dude…that just goes to show its un seen talent all over the place…19

  • cornonthejayCob1234

    sluggo’s gettin a gut!

  • pachdoom

    nigga got fat

  • thedeprivedwriter

    lmao…Scrabble tiles…

  • ApolloAeon

    check me out, cuz this interviewer is making slug look uninteresting.

  • AlakahnRah

    Oh Sluggo, still at i see ha

    still the man for sure

  • Felipe Ruiz

    Fuck a website, fuck a twitter, get off the grid,grow your own vegetables! Peace & Love!

    • Vikrant

      Hey, nice site, Scott! The banana slug viodes are really cool. I’ve seen them around and they never moved for me! It’s amazing how little things in our life can turn out to be extraordinary if you capture the right moment. Makes me want to start shooting things around me too (with my camera of course).[]

  • sandmonkey322

    I fucking love slug. This has to be the worst interview of all time though.

  • aloew

    What`s the name of the song at the end?


    stupid elf

  • JoeyLaurens

    you better start your research, Slug is the most wise and underrated rapper that ever existed. His lyrics hit you hard.
    atmosphere – Like the rest of us
    atmosphere wooden ships

  • AmatiProduces

    He’s trolling…

  • Alex Pedraza

    Shut the fuck up hip hop heads know who Slug (Atmosphere), People that know hip hop know who he is. Plus he is a lil awkward.

  • Hayden Hansen

    what was that song in the beginning of the inteerview

  • TigerSmoking

    Much <3 SLUG!

  • Blugold92

    Wow she’s just terrible at interviewing..

  • Blugold92

    This bitch is annoying… And he knows it. Haha Love it.

  • Kees Canger

    Haha I’ve known slug since god loves ugly and he hasn’t changed much. Keep kickin atmosphere

  • nessarina61193

    What’s the song at the end??

    • Juragan

      We’d like permission to use your great shots of the bannaa slug in our enewsletter to accompany an article about them. Can we get your permission? Thanks[] Reply:November 1st, 2011 at 6:00 pmYes, you have my permission.[]

  • davidprius789

    Why wouldn’t she introduce him as Slug from Atmosphere? That’s what he’s most known for. An insanely small amount of people have even heard of Dynospectrum, and his solo work isn’t as popular or well known as his shit with Ant.

  • IkotheSwarm

    The girl doesn’t know shit about Slug… HotNewHipHop I can say that you fucked up introducing Slug from Atmosphere to the crowd of HotNewHipHop. Real talk… Slug I feel what you said in this interview… I know…

  • J Sin

    Slug > any fucking rapper out there

  • jh9238a

    I don’t think this girl knows anything about Slug or his music

  • willemdee

    I never heard of this guy , but the interviewer is cute

  • willemdee