Bravo Road To The Riches

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Let me start off by saying Bravo has already made a name for himself in the streets and in the industry. This man has worked with the likes of Fabolous, Paul Cain, Freck Billionare and a number of other reputables. Bravo collaborates with Young Chris In his crazy new joint “D Boyz Of The Year” Listen: He says “the nicest ni**a I can give away flows”. That was no exaggeration. I know quit a few rappers who he could give a few flows to, but I wont go there. I was impressed with his freestyle “Da Lobby” he showed that he is not just a pen and paper dude. Bravo came through to the K-9 store in the Bronx and showed love to Dominique Da VJ and us at Video City. Bravo will Tell you he is a street dude, but when its time to do business he conducts himself accordingly. Check him out:

He even hit the ladies with a lil something we can bump to. He gave us “Showtime” with (my sister) Jazz on the chorus representing for the girlies. Bravo has been around for a minute so he surely is not the new kid on the block, but he is that dude on the block. So be easy homies. One of my favorites on this mixtape is “Fearless” with Mike Shorey. Fearless is the flow I’m on. I feel you on that Bravo!

Bravo just gave me my new saying, “Get off me” a track on his Road To The Riches mixtape. I’m waiting for somebody to test me so I can tell them to “Get off Me”. Word to the wise, artists step your rap game up because Bravo is on that Brooklyn keep on taking it flow! For more dope joints go to www.wearenjr.com and listen to “Road To The Riches” and if you haven’t already, check out “Repo Men”. Bravo, Mizz Saigon, Video City, We Doing It Major!


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