Its your girl Mizz Saigon and my artist for the day is none other than Cancun! Raised in Paterson New Jersey in the notorious projects called “The Pound”, Cancun realized at an early age life was not easy. Cancun started rapping at the age of 5 as a means of creative expression. In his music you get to know who he really is, you can hear the street survival in his joints. Check Cancun out with the lovely Dominique Da VJ as he came through to show Video City some love: Now, we know that unfortunately the streets are tough and have no mercy. However, Cancun used all those experiences in his music. If you grew up in the hood and the streets was your babysitter than you will know that Cancun is as real as they come. And we at VC respect that! He has proven himself as a rapper and it simply is Cancun’s time. Cancun has written the whole “Winning” mixtape and has “Diary of an Underdog” Cake-E-Boyz out right now! To make it through all that Cancun been through and still be successful you have to be a certain kind of person and that is an accomplishment in itself. So while you stay watching VC make sure you keep your eye on Cancun and get to know a real dude because Video City, Mizz Saigon and the Streets said so!!!!


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