#CITY2CITY: Birmingham 0121 Cypher [GRM DAILY]

  • HOVIS best of both

    brums always had the talent, its about time we expand out like London has. Second largest city in Enlgand; Brums gonna be full soon of potential. Fair play to these boys settin the bar.
    We need a Birmingham ANTHEM; not to start a war, just to show we love where we from and we can hang with the big boys.. done!

  • Lateef Gold

    Gwannn, fire bars

  • maher mohammed

    safone hyped up the whole fing still, dem man wnt in

  • MattFaulknerMusic

    Wolverhampton is basically going to be StayFresh

  • 2FreshMedia

    They from brum? why not do it by the bull at bullring like a boss?

  • Arron Strike

    do a bradforrrrd one! get statick and blazer onit

  • Jamal chester-morris

    brums finest – yogo

  • bcfczu

    Safone and deadly kill this

  • Homeysam90

    2pacs back lmao kills me off

  • penisgravy40


  • MrSomalia16

    Loool listen u little freshy what do u knw bout rap nd grime

  • jit1994

    Lol dont gas urself up, BLG! best in leicester!


    dont talk nonsense theres nothing wrong with listening to this, i love listening to grime because of how creative and talented this young people are – alot of them do talk about the same thing but so does everyone everywhere in music but its life and their experiences – people like you dont see the work these young men do put into their craft, mixtapes, albums, sets every other week, radio, performing – i suggest you calm down and go listen to something else then you hypocrite


    lolol ah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah naaah you didnt justy do man like that!! XD im dead

  • king butts

    omdz loooooooooooooooool

  • Shadowvelli Nottz

    “big ina da manor” MT notts ting hmmmmm

  • Pavandeep Chani

    Yet we have hypocrites like you. You listen to D Double E who also talks about guns as if it is something to be proud of yet you’re not ranting about it on his videos? Is D Double E not glamorizing and gassing up foolishness?

  • Kane Beccano

    Sick set gets me gassed #slashum

  • bigspittaz

    secretly i think grime is coming back slowly but surely

  • Dat Reekz

    Saf slats it

  • Aun Shah


  • MattWR4

    Tornado goes in

  • jackchetter0


  • itsbossy

    this is shit!!