Compton Menace Interview – HNHH Exclusive


HNHH sat down with Compton Menace in the studio where he talked about his mixape, “Menace 2 Society Volume 2,” first tattoos, his cars and more!

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  • Datzhott

    #datzhott (purple)

  • Team Global

    bangz-@Globalhhb, Green

  • hip hop blog

    cool – 8

  • JonGibeon

    get the mixtape the flow is official

  • xbOmBuGGzx

    The corner they’re on in the beginning, look like the gym from San Andreas, in Canton (Compton) lool

  • 49ers39

    purple panties

  • AltanCeylan

    thank you lol

  • persianfoo

    At 3:44, you can see the chicks blue panties. Your welcome.