Danny Brown


Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Danny Brown for an exclusive interview. He talks about his biggest regrets, the way he dresses, wishing he talked to 50 Cent more when he was hanging around G-Unit, shares his best advice he ever had, people who think he is gay & much more!

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  • @Est_Wood77

    don’t eat it beat it! (007) hi hater

  • boneyaad

    word though. -black

  • bignegro91

    wooooooah whats that song at 0:38?

  • BooTTrix1994

    this is a real ass interview

  • OZtheRedDevil

    where he teeth go

  • Justin Bland

    I never thought he was gay but I thought he was a crackhead at first lol

  • xNewCulturex

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  • wilsonedubian

    Aye danny brown u got respect from da hood g

  • getyoasshome

    this coming from a guy with the loser ass whalers logo…that franchise is dead…dont get mad because you dont know how to construct a paragraph…get outta here cock buffer.

  • getyoasshome

    you dont even know what back pack rap is LOL!! you’re a fool who wears nut huggers and vans LOL!! go put on your jeremy scott teddy bear shoes hahahahahahaha you dont know shit about hip hop listening to mainstream prostitute rappers who sell their asses for a record deal.

  • arock27

    lol @ you trolling bro….writing paragraphs to people…stop,,,u aint eatin

  • blahblahblahimbored

    Dude ok whatever youre just an annoying ignorant backpacker pretty much. I dont really care anymore youre just claiming random shit and being an overall annoying dumbass so ok go listen to your roc marciano shit and we’ll see if my guys are more successful and respected in a few years or your guys. If you seriously think the guys i mentioned are mainstream that means youre a backpacker lmao. bye bitch

  • getyoasshome

    hipster music is niggas wit gimmicks like danny brown LOL!! niggas that come out in a uniform dressed up wit a half shaved head. you’re just a mainstream nerd you dont listen to hip hop you listen to RAP..you never even heard the niggas im talkin about flow at all…buy some bigger jeans that fit not skinnies they’ll fuck up ya balls you wont be able to have kids…you’re not advanced enough to even speak about hip hop wit me.

  • getyoasshome

    hipster back packer? uhhhhhhh you’re dumb thats not hipster music…the shit you listen to is LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! bronson rolls wit nigga like AG da Coroner, mayhem lauren, roc marciano, evidence, madlib, freddie gibbs, styles P…you listen to skinny jean bullshit niggas talkin about skate boarding and doing molly….you listen to emo rap LOL!!!!!! i fuck wit hardcore shit you dont know shit about hip hop LMAO! back pack rap is niggas like eligh, mr. lif, pharcyde…but you dont know shit.

  • Kevin082088

    my shit aint like cassie nigga lol

  • Kevin082088

    the look on danny browns face when young jack says niggas thought u was gay lol

  • blahblahblahimbored

    Man no… action bronson is not that good. Youre one of those hipster backpackers that thinks mainstream stuff is automatically bad… tsk tsk. Dude can you read… i didnt say YOU were gnna fall off… jesus man im not explaining it. Anyways, as an overall rapper the ones i mentioned are still better imo, peace.

  • getyoasshome

    look at any review for his new album “reloaded” or action bronson’s album “rare chandeliers” these niggas is light years ahead of the major label artist with lyrics….i can fall off? you the one that said those artist fell off LOL!! the artist you mentioned are punch line rappers jada kiss was doin that in 1998…if you cant rhyme wit the best then so be it…i’ll marciano’s shit against any of that bullshit you talkin about..

  • getyoasshome

    he gets notoriety from everybody that he’s supposed to get a look from, he dont make commercial hip hop so you wont see him on BET or MTV because he dont make bullshit rap music like those artist you talkin about LOL!! there’s more to it than Bars? what a love song? Roc’s album been out they only pressed up 50,000 on an indie label and 5,000 vinyls…his shit and sean price’s album’s are doing fine..marci is a lyricist yall niggas wanna dance in some skinnies.

  • blahblahblahimbored

    Man… hes alright but yea i think all the guys i mentioned are better. Theres more to it that bars, and lyrically i think the guys i mentioned are better. Imo roc is like a less good joe budden. And you can fall off without having a one hit wonder lol. We’ll see if Rocs album is any good or if it even gets any notoriety lol.

  • YoohPhuck

    These long ass comments gotta stop lmao

  • getyoasshome

    Roc Marci brought the streets back to hip hop he brought hard core sampling and production back..there is a reason why alchemist is the best producer and he has an album coming out with Al this year…that album will shit on whatever the fuck comes out…even jay z noticed Roc and had to hate on him because he’s not his artist on his label…people like mayhem lauren, marci, action bronson, oh no, these dudes is bringing hip hop back to its truest form…BARS…ill production= HIP HOP..

  • getyoasshome

    yeah ok…his new album as well as his old album his appearances on whatever he is on is some ill shit that nigga got BARS…on any kind of melody, flow whatever…the nigga that say Roc aint the best right now is just mad because his favorite emcee is in question. i know you aint tryin to say any of those niggas you like can fuck wit him Bar for Bar LOL!!! he been dope since the U.N. you say they’re not one hit wonders then the next sentence you say they fell off….which is it? LOL!!

  • blahblahblahimbored

    Dude… roc marciano is not the best, but thats your opinion whatever. GKMC will probably go platinum next year. And no thats not what ANYONE said about fucking wale or big sean. And none of the people i mentioned are one hit wonders. Even wale and big sean arent, wale just fell off and big sean has always been kinda bad. But whatever we’ll see. And j. cole kind of fell off but can still make a comeback. Every one of the rappers i mentioned before have bars… i guess well have to wait and see

  • getyoasshome

    if you dont have bars nobody cares…GMKC sounded like the typical kendrick mixtape except the production was better because he’s on a major now…real niggas dont need co-signers, real emcees dont need nobody to co-sign for em….

  • getyoasshome

    thats the same thing they said about j. cole, big sean, wale and the rest of those 1 hit wonder muthafuckas…that era of hip hop is just about dead. GMKC will go platinum in 2015 retroactively. ab soul is better than kendrick, school boy is decent and the rest of those dudes are decent…the game is switching back to niggas with BARS…thats why the top 5 producers of 2012 are producers that do hard shit not soft shit..the dopest nigga out right now is roc marciano its not even debatable.

  • Antoine Rashad

    Danny Brown is high from every drug in this interview lol