Do Whatcha Want – T-HOOT (Contest Winner 100K YouTube Giveaway)


Don’t Forget to Subscribe! Congratulations to T-Hoot for winning a music video feature on HNHH and HNHH YouTube! T-Hoot and Flow 187 (bo…

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  • smushinga

    what a waste of a chance of getting signed…

  • likewater4chocol8

    Haters speak loud but their actions are mute. Why hate on someone for making their dreams a reality. Remember,you’re commenting on his vid. Have you made one?Have you won 100k?Can you smell that? Smells like cowards are in the bldg. When you have the courage to do it better than THoot,then you can speak. Until then…freshen up #CowarDiss

  • Kevo2Fresh

    Dayum….Riff Raff is better this is a sad day in history

  • PajaritoBoomBoom


  • ItzLyrikBabyee

    lol he got an e cig!! i just thought it was funny

  • TheLegacy1395

    Well this is sad and I agree with the people saying riff raff is better hell brokencyde is better than this guy

  • cusefan1kg

    You all a some talking shit mother funks my boy here deff got some great music and videos quit hateing

  • mjay2m

    Looks like 40 year old dad going to the youth cloth and rapping + this fucking UFO sound is annoying

  • TheRu2fuct

    wow!! riff raff is better. intellectualdemon is probably an idiot. haters usually hate their own lives

  • caine hart

    Damn… this white boy weak af

  • gamekidcaleb

    Looks like a guy walking around edited in iMovie by a middle schooler…

  • IamWillGlover

    What kind of Sick Joke is this?

  • IntellectualDemon

    I did’t think i would ever say this but Riff Raff is better

  • CssCh4nges

    you should take the money cuz you suck