Mizz Saigon attends Drag-On’s listening session


It’s your girl Mizz Saigon, and I attended Drag-On’s listening session at the Highlife Lounge in the city. Drag-on for those who dont know is a dope artist from The Ruff Ryders camp from the late 90s to the early two thousands. He put out songs like “Spit These Bars“, “Down Bottom” and “Bang Bang Boom“. And he’s back at it again with his signature sound and unique voice yet a modern version of himself. check out Drag-On as he tells me a little about what he been up to and what he is doing:

I was so grateful for that short interview as I was the only one to get one that night. (thank you Shampoo) Drag-On had to be one of the most humble and coolest artist I ever met. Taking time out for his daughter and putting family first shows his loyalty, and that is to be respected. At the listening session there was food, drinks were flowing and hookah smoke filled the air as we got to listen to some of Drag-On’s newest tracks and even some of his older ones. He has a song where the words are “tight jeans tight shirts nah I dont wear them thangs” that I thought was dope. I don’t wanna give away too much but I will say I am happy Drag-On is back. One of the highlights of the night was when rap mogul Darrin Dee Dean (one of the owners of Ruff Ryders) walked in. Check him out showing support for Drag-On:

There you have it Drag-On’s listening session, for more clips of his listening session subscribe to my youtube page at blognout. Thank you to Qiana of YNVS for the camera work.

Mizz Saigon…It Ain’t Real Until It Is Written!

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    cool yute. do ya thing. – black

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