Dylan Talks Quitting ‘Making The Band’, Music, Famous Catch Phrase


Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Dylan for an exclusive interview. He freestyles, talks about “Making The Band”, his music, his famous catch phrase “Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan”, Diddy & much more!

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  • Spilldabeanz.com

    Let me find out Dylan !!!lmaooo—pink

  • Kyle Plaunt

    I always thought his accent was fake. I swear he didn’t have that when he started on the show.


    dylan says he’s grenadian but he sounds more like jamaican 2 me jus saying.

  • Ruudebwoi

    when i hear dylan i just think of dave chappelle lol

  • Larenz Filmore

    is it me or is his accent WAAAAYYYY more pronounced now?

  • illuminous09


  • calvinreed82

    Lmao come get sum of this hot fire

  • afell11

    Damn sugar cookie getta!!!

  • HarlemLoop585

    Lol i spit hotfire!!!

  • ElohimPenemue

    When Dylan started to rap.. I was like Ohh Shit..
    Not cause it was good..but it was just so damn funny..

  • David Dixon

    @mantila504 yo I’m cryin son HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • SuperBri31

    “put me in the booth im thirsty niggga” lol

  • xxMrRampagexx


  • maxpayne123

    Dylan! Dylan! Dylan! Dave fucked up your career.

  • Carl Woods

    When are they gonna interview Lloyd Banks!!!!!

  • JohnCLocafella

    he about 10 years late trying to blow up

  • swatttttttt420

    cause i spit hot faya

  • ASAP Rocky

    Who’s the top 5 best rappers of all time?

  • Quintin270

    Let’s keep up with this nigga. I think we owe him a chance to let his light shine.

  • MrDylanJoshua

    Dylan is a true Ja-Fake-can

  • Avalm

    whats the name of that song in the background?

  • BMUSIK101

    Bwoy Dylan alway show jamaican love

  • yeabuddy80


  • ElohimPenemue

    Deshawnraw owes this nigga money..

  • ElohimPenemue

    Dylan was employee of the month at Popcoppy

  • Justin Rooks

    uh oh