For the “Business Persons” in the Music Industry – Don’t be fooled and don’t be the fool


Don't Be A Fool
In this business we call THE MUSIC BUSINESS there are all sorts of experts, consultants, and “Biz people” who do a variety of things, from negotiating, to selling, to representing, ideas and or persons, (Artists) And among these individuals of men and women, there are good and bad, there are excellent and terrible. What I’m going to tell you is very simple, no super brain science here in this blog. For the good, the excellent, the for-real- You know who you are as well as others do.

As for the bad business persons, the swindlers, the ass-holes, you also know who you are – verily both get what they earn. No, I’m talking to the well intention person in the business, who really want to do the right things, the right ways, you want to operate of board, above the bull. This Blog is for you – When you are representing an artist, or representing certain business in a project, or somehow put in a position as a supervising A&R (many of you are doing this job for free for someone and asking for nothing), you will run into certain persons, once your artist, or project is taking off (Not have taken off- but is TAKING off) who represent themselves as A&R’s for labels (Most will be lying I promise you) or Industry Consultants (there are all kinds of titles meaning just this) who will come to you with all kinds of deals they can work out for you for this “price” .

Now, sometimes, these persons bring you sweet deals, but most of the time they bring you situations that A) if you are worth your salt, you will get these situations on your own eventually) or B) You don’t need at all, or ever. Once this happens to you, just remember tis one piece of advice. It is then worth it then to sumj up the amount of $300-400 and go to an Entertainment Lawyer!!!!!!! And have that lawyer analyze the offers, and then learn from the attorney why they advise you what they did, so you will know. Often it is well worth it to spend a little money or allot to make sure you are sure in this business that you generally only get one shot at. Be careful not to get into paying for meet and greets unless the person is Jay-Z or someone high profile like that, be aware of persons telling you they represent a popular artists, always check this out. Often a person, has a job with the actual manager or one of the managers(Often popular artists have more than 1 manager, it is normal for an artist to have 3 to 4 managers, all doing different things, having different jobs for the artist. Always be a FACT CHECKER!! in this business, because people will always misplace facts (Lie) If you are diligent in this area, you will no doubt save yourself allot of time, money and heart ache. I won’t tell you no bull. Till next time :)

Sayyed Muhammad

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