French Montana


French Montana is no stranger to Video City, his video NY Minute is #1 right now on our top 5 countdown.

Montana has that voice that even females can listen to and yet be heard in the  streets. It’s like the French, how they can say anything and it sounds wonderful! That’s your boy Montana! Also, being eye candy ain’t never hurt nobody. But don’t let looks fool you. The concept of how things can and have changed in a flash as expressed in his song “NY Minute” was so real and perfect. And with one of my favorite rappers Jada Kiss on that cut, that was a no brainer, instant hit! He seems to have the recipe for music that’ll get into your head no matter who you are. (females,gangsters etc.) Like in”My Life” where he brings you into his perception of what life is like. And i peeped the hook, which shows me his music knowledge is broad. He thinks outside of the box. When you can marry the song I wanna know what love is with the lyrics of “My Life” you get a hot joint!

So, I get to this upbeat song called Show Out this song made me wanna go out with my shortest skirt and stilettos with my toes out and shake what my mama generously gave me! In just these songs alone you get a taste of who French Montana is. I became a fan the first time I heard him. I always say, it’s one thing to get hardcore hip hop heads for fans. But when you can get the females and kids to bump your shit, you’re on to something. What I like about Montana is, he is not all in your face, but he is definitely all in your head and ears. He has this laid back swag yet something tells me he ain’t the dude to fuck with and we love that! Montana’s flow is effortless, like in Go Hard Where he goes in but doesn’t have to be rah rah and yelling at you to get his point across.

He said “niggaz scheming, knock em off shoot em dead” Ha ha I like that, get to the the problem and solve it asap! And who didn’t want to roll a blunt and sit back and listen to I’m On It ft Wiz Khalifa, Nipsey Hustle and Big Sean

I surely did. Now,if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t checked out French Montana then do so now!! Mizz Saigon says put that on your to do list right underneath watching Video City! Juuuu Heard!! I’m out chea!!!!

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