This Sunday BBC 1Xtra DJ Target will be debating the topic #IsGrimeADirtyWord? — The Focus of the discussion will be on why so often Grime gets abandoned fo…

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  • KayEffinGreez

    @slickerz0x once wileys gone? You obviously haven’t listened to any of new shit

  • Naim Ali

    yeah you could say that, after all you guys changed the name from ‘grime daily’ to GRM daily

  • klashnekoff71

    most grime mcs sold out and make commercial bullshit…

  • TheDubstepahhh92

    Grime used to be sick. Couldn’t get enough of it. But now all the best artists have left the scene and other music genres have blown up. For me, it’s all about Dubstep and Trap now

  • slickerz0x

    man have seen how much p they can make using different genres so they flair off a bit. Once wileys gone, i dunno how much further it’ll go. Grime in 08-09 was mad. sickest tunes.

  • YBJ2008

    The generation grume appealed has grown up. When I was still in school grime was at its peak. Nowadays most school kids listen to either dubstep or that chief keef/wacka flocka type music…. Unfortunately lol.

  • Layz12345

    most man who listen to grime don’t buy music, simple

  • ricci adams

    Grime has grown up like the people who started it and listened to it

  • ScaryIranian

    The Irony. I think.

  • DatsDatsGBHH

    its not a tv show it a radio show. 1xtra you can listen on the internet

  • 45NM45


  • SarjentSteve

    Grime hasn’t been abandoned if anything it’s evolved.

  • TakeSomeAdvice

    Please upload the whole show.. we can’t watch BBC shows from abroad and rely on uploads..


    Make sure you upload the whole show

  • range567W

    In short, yes.