Hopsin Addresses Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar “Disses” in Hop is Back video


http://www.hardknock.tv Exclusive in-depth interview with Hopsin at his studio. Part 2 of this very candid interview starts with Hopsin telling Nick Huff Bar…

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  • itsomkedaweedman

    Umm the two niggas below me is dumm af hopson is bring back hip-hip not like the bullshit u listen to

  • itsomkedaweedman


  • marleyrasta07


  • jamdc8708

    A B C rapper
    This guy is wack
    Fuck outta here

  • TheRedbry360

    Hopsins a bad ass!

  • 00TheMadhatter

    The internet has changed it all.

  • Alex Peterson

    No I definitely would not say that about Macklemore.

  • siKC One The Great

    thats what i said kanye shit sounded like fl studio 5 hahaha shit was wack


    Words of Wisdom

  • E1

    They’re big already…I really like and follow Hop’s music…and I’m in India :)…


    someone is insecure with themselves

  • danewilliams10

    My opinion, he’s gettin lucky. Back in the day musicians didn’t have YouTube. Sure he has fans, most of them are probably between 10 and 16. He raps like a pissed off teenager, and the way he presents himself in this interview, makes him look gay.

  • Juvinile876

    Tech N9ne is a global star, on an independent label and makes more money and better music than the artists they play on the radio and show on tv.

  • Trevor Bryant

    Keep up the good work hopsin!!

  • Katriel Riley

    Nigga he admits that 11:12 how you feel hmmm?

  • Bret Martin

    Its funny how back like ten years everybody thought heavy metal was satanic now fucking rap is satanic

  • Crysis Profit

    your statement is very true. keep in mind artist on major lables dont get that cuz they get tv and radio play. although Hopsin isnt in there categories, he has stayed true to himself. So i give much respect to that.

  • AQGOAT24

    Kendrick didn’t sell his soul, neither did Kanye. It is obvious that they make the music they want to make.

  • Pickle .Sicle

    yeah I read somewhere that they paid warnerbros to market the heist to radios or something… actually I think macklemore said that in an interview hes still dope though id rather hear him over fucking lmfao or psy

  • Pickle .Sicle

    fuck yeah! I think he can do it im slowly hearing people in my area talk about hopsin more and more and I live in fucking Wisconsin lol not only hopsin either dizzy wright too fv is taking off for sure

  • john mcclaine

    how is that lol?

  • john mcclaine

    he was inspired by em he said he didn’t even like rap until em so yeh

  • Liam Wilkins

    my nigga hopsin, My success to you.

  • Nick Fedorov

    btw everytime you talk to hopsin its the most interesting stuff, hes real, same with mac miller

  • Nick Fedorov

    but the thing about macklemore is he souled out, even without the huge record label, but yea times are changing but you can still be a sellout without a huge record label