Hot 97’s Kay Foxx Talks Mister Cee Prostitution Situation


Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Kay Foxx for an exclusive interview! Kay Foxx addresses the whole situation of Mister Cee picking up prost…

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  • alfeemillz

    If ur black and gay its really hard to come out the me I know :(

  • LeftLaneDreams

    Most black women are far from naturally beautiful with there weaves, wigs, and pounds of make up.. lol Most of them are ashamed of their natural look! If you want an example of naturally beautiful “white” women, it is mentioned in this video. Sweedish women. They don’t even need make up to be sexy.. Nice try at being a jealous racist hater though..

  • mals108

    Smh, K Fox is retarded. Who says live love laugh for sum crazy ish that Cees been doing? I didn’t expect her to throw him under the bus but damn, that was stupid.


    Jack Thrill is hilarious man. Even when you was 8. lol

  • fortgreene31

    She said live love and laugh. Get the fuck outta here. A man is gay have a fucking mental disorder, Period. Our ancestors believe in this european behavior we wouldn’t be a dominate race of people.

  • kenneth randolph

    K Foxx is FAF!!

  • Killa Skrilla

    Lmao im from Malmoe Sweden met Jack Thriller at BLAST. He was cool as fuck. And he right about the food. Sweden aint got no flavor, No KFC. No none of that…Its hard to be a nigga in Sweden…

  • Killa Skrilla


  • John Smith

    even when you was 8 looool no one tried u on 3rd grade hahaha jacks a fool

  • abukar70

    8th grade lool

  • mekanicaldave

    History is when George Washington Carver invented peanut butter Not when Jason Collins came out as GAY

  • Ahsan B.C Sherringtion

    People got “drug” in? wtf ebro

  • jdubdajuiceman

    K Foxx nudes needa leak or somethin

  • Remi Obi

    She looks like Serena Williams.

  • John Smith

    bottom line mr cee chases transformers 

  • TekaneTV

    i love you jack but wtf was with that 8 year old remark hahahahhaha?

  • postman954

    hot97 is TRASH… she is the biggest waste of space i seen on a station before

  • twell609

    He looks 40

  • vcastro737

    Gay ass mister cee…god daaaaaaaam!!!!!!!


    Mr Cee is a FAGGOT !!

  • gallisable

    fishy coochie

  • dj french


  • itzmurda18

    if kay foxx rode in your car on a hot summer day, it would take 6 weeks and 8 cans of febreeze to get the smell out

  • Angelica Anderson

    Hot 97 is a bunch of suckas.

  • x5starhustla

    Fuck that fag. I don’t have a problem with people who are gay and let it be known but these fags who are on the down low and go back and contaminate the pussy population need to die.