Interview with Charles Ramsey? It’s a Hip Hop Game Show!


Don’t Forget to Subscribe! This week Broady pays homage to neighborhood hero, Charles Ramsey. How well do you know your hip hop lyrics?!…

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  • QuetteBadd

    i only knew kirko bangz smh damn shame

  • kyllogram

    They did an episode like that already. It was a few weeks back

  • shaqdaddy4lyfe

    1:20 Angela Yee in the face!

  • davidseanh

    You should make a BET nominations edition.

  • chitownzgangsta97

    Lol ikr. I wasn’t going to come here until I saw his face…

  • Kaven Abdulhai

    Good episode

  • Yazonac Pliskin

    Dislike for the whole Charles Ramsey thing.

  • paindrain

    if i wanted parody, i woulda type parody in…. sorry clip you trolled me

  • KiD iNk the best

    the instrumentals while they guess ruins it cause the beats help a lot

  • Lee M

    they did that already

  • Firmo Ray Valdez

    put whats my name on the title

  • gamekidcaleb

    everyone knows that when the lemonade beat came on, you immediately thought about orange juice by tyler and earl

  • schrockboy

    knew all except the last one. I know earl sweatshirt rapped on that beat but I dont listen to gucci mane at all

  • vee sask

    Me to

  • montabaronandjay

    got them all right because of the background music, could you do an episode with only the lyrics so we can try to guess them like the contestants get to? besides that great job, I look forward to wednesdays because of this!

  • TheSosamarco93

    Not funny

  • MAGZofficial

    I got all of these right except nicki minaj

  • John Cook

    this kid thinks he is funny, Not funny

  • EmekaOTV

    Burr… Burr… Burr…

  • ryangotdat

    This is not funny.

  • EmekaOTV


  • Asap Mob