John Michael Talks About His Look; “Sophisticated Lady” Track


Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with John Michael for an exclusive interview. At the age of 23, John Michael has established himself as one of …

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  • DaKidBinni

    Before I self distruct!! Damn nigga Im from Norway n I even know dis shyt, smh..


    What movie was that Lloyd playin a teacher

  • MrHimyhimy


  • Davey McFlyy

    Do a song with Davey McFlyy

  • 42212IsCool

    LLOYD Banks The Teacher

  • menteaberta

    thisis50interviews you have to celebrate when got the 1000video

  • MrRubenEsp

    I like this dude…he seems like A cool dude..pretty funny stuff jack.

  • tlalocissimo

    he look like my boy felipe from brazil. rodrigo from arlington virginia represent bwoy!

  • dubbzyxx

    Nice to see more Soul and RnB artist like this…

  • 345shawng

    forreal about that small town shit less b.s drama less killing robbery’s stupid ppl doing stupid shit like big city.. bad thing about is opportunity and thing to do in free time haha

  • 345shawng

    VA rep it come out with humble talent

  • NorwegianBasterd

    come to norway and interview ENVY… they are fucking awesome :)