Kay Foxx Presents The Princess Project w/ Yandy Smith & Others


New York City native K. Foxx was handpicked to join the legendary radio station WQHT Hot 97 in New York after making a name for herself in Miami. Her voice c…

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  • NoLimit9273

    how about helping out the poor?!

  • Lloyd Jackson

    No Jack Equaks Dislike

  • Joel Neely

    her and cipha are the only cool ones left at 97. every1 else is a lame


    Dangerously low levels of fuckery in this vid. Me no likey

  • Michael Smith

    Yo go watch my video leave comment!

  • dipset5988

    Yandy’s fine ass.

  • beautiful4days

    Nice to see them giving back.

  • ElohimPenemue

    Yandy is sexy as fuck..
    And she got the mean phatty! 

  • niknak maxam

    im saying i never heard of her lol


    Ignorant fools will never learn. *Salutes K Foxx*

  • NoremacTheGreat

    All of them should’ve twerked while speaking directly into the camera.

  • Archer Cillian

    Kay Foxx made a name for herself in Miami? Am I being Punk’d??


    They should all do porn

  • TheRealDeborahR

    smh this is why tv producers dont show the positive stuff
    yall thumbs down stuff for all the wrong reasons
    so dont get mad and complaint about why they have ratchet ass shows


    Randy watson lmao im dead

  • robrichjr2

    That thumbnail is tragic

  • AceJr21

    1:52 There goes Jazmine Cashmere ^_^

  • mwheeler22

    Kay Foxx look like a broke ass Williams sister that’s special! Lol lol lol

  • mwheeler22

    Kay Foxx why is your hair always fukd up!!! With your tired as wig or weave!!!! Step your game up!

  • twell609

    That’s a good thing what they doing. Get that ugly drama chick off the camera!

  • Gregory Hills

    Kfoxx got a jerry curl . Smh MC Gusto lookin ass

  • vapis

    I believe the children have a future!!!

  • vapis

    kfoxx look like RANDY WATSON with that hair, sexual chocolate!!!

  • jake sneed

    Fuck yandy

  • tmoney0212

    I would finger K Foxx Ass