Love & Hip-Hop’s Yandy Smith Talks Jim Jones, Missy Elliot & Reality Show Regrets!!!



The Jasmine Brand caught up with Love & Hip-Hop’s Yandy Smith to discuss her experience on the show. She opens up about the lessons she’s learned, her relationship with Jim Jones, gives advice to the new Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta cast and reveals when Missy Elliot’s album is set to drop. Check out inserts from the interview below.

On the biggest lesson learned from “Love and Hip-Hop”:

“My biggest lesson was you can say no. If I had to do it all over again, there would be some things that I would probably think of ahead and just say ‘No, I’m not doing it.’ Like situations like ‘Okay we need you to walk into the luncheon with Erica’ and I see Kim sitting there, I should’ve thought ahead like ‘I’m not doing it’ and just said no. But you know it was the first time taping and I put a lot of trust in producers and just feeling like ‘they wouldn’t set me up, they wouldn’t make me look crazy,’ and I can’t blame anybody of course, but it’s about a show, making a great show. If a fight sparks off or some crazy words transpire, that’s what makes the show, that’s what keeps you guys tuned in.”

On whether or not she’s spoken to Jim Jones:

“No. His whole team calls me for everything, for show bookings. A lot of them still come through me so I pass them onto his guys and if they need help with something they all call me so I’ve spoken to him not directly, but through everybody else. Just because I don’t mind helping and I wanna see him win regardless.”

On the advice she would give to the cast of the new season, Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta:

“I would say be mindful that the camera’s on. It’s so easy to forget that you’re being taped. What is it that you wanna put out to the world? Everything I don’t feel like is for the world. And this is something that can be Googled, this is something that there are gonna be still pictures of. People are gonna share your most intimate, private moments with you, make sure it’s an intimate, private moment that you want to be shared. Be mindful that the camera is on you and this will haunt you for the rest of your life. You want to make a lasting impression of something that you want to be out there.”

On her upcoming work with Missy Elliot:

“She’s working on a new album. We have a great first single that I think is just like hardcore Missy. She’s back to her roots, she’s back with Timbaland, so it’s going to be the Missy that we’ve all been waiting for. Not that she’s been gone, because while she herself hasn’t been out as an artist, she’s producedMonica, she’s produced Keyshia Cole, she’s produced Jazmine Sullivan. She’s been working. Now she has a single out with J. Cole, which is a great record as well. So there’s a lot going on.”

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