Ludacris talks Kanye, Acting, Twitter Quotes, Ludaversal, Ludacris Foundation

May Exclusive interview with Ludacris. In part 2 Luda talks to Nick Huff Barili about his 8th studio album titled Ludaversal which he say…

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  • Emmanuel Wedgeworth

    Luda is so right thoughts are things if you think you suck just a little bit you suck bad!
    Me I am the best Hiphop Dj/Producer coming out period no question watch me now!!!~CBZ~

  • Valter Siba-Siba

    Luda’s on that bubba

  • alisonson25


  • MrOatmealguy

    Ludacris is a dope rapper but i never seen anyone with some SOUL headphones lol

  • wormsmaggotsflies

    Inspiring quotes. If you support indie rap, I invite you to check out my music channel. ONE

  • Alex Mouring

    Listen to at LEAST 3 of his albums, and try to say that again…..

  • EndoSmoke213

    Fuck clean versions!

  • Okanyasin

    When he talks, my speakers are like: Dayum, let the SubWoofer do that.

  • manolo19991

    Tech n9ne isn’t all that great

  • TheRandom757

    Dope interview!

  • usudu123

    Fuck you Luda, fucking work with tech n9ne

  • Nielsen700

    Luda, I like you. But an Oscar is way out of your reach.

  • Walter White

    I enjoy these 1 on 1’s so much more, 50’s one of my favorite mainstream artists but I just can’t get into it because of the audience

  • Hot Mess Music Co.

    Luda will forever be respected. Period he will be on one of my beats one day

  • coltonmcswain32

    he looks high af

  • jfraz1992

    luda is one of the funniest and hottest rappers of our time lol

  • GadflyTheOne

    Love Luda, but… W T F is he wearing??? LOL

  • Jerome khan

    for reals i always wondered if that Afro back in 2 fast 2 furious was real tho

  • Jay Thorne

    Why does he talk to the camera?

  • nov954


  • trudon

    what? ludacris is known for being lyrically inclined

  • mylesp

    one of my favorite rappers! he may not be the best lyrically but i have always liked his music and persona.