Maino Introduces New Group “The Black Flag Mafia”, Crew Freestyles


Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with The Black Flag Mafia for an exclusive interview. Maino introduces The Mafia which includes Push Montana, Lucky Don, Twigg Martin, Hustle Hard Mouse and Maino himself, also they spit a freestyle.

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  • Fabiola Ferere

    Jack Thriller!

  • Alena R

    nice! -seeme

  • Rasha Entertainment

    Nice… Army Green

  • T3100nyc

    Alaska is north…

  • Habufffff

    @tdotm14 straight up and down

  • Jean Scotch

    Most underrated rapper this guy is great

  • tswagg504

    starting to? The last time there was variety in rap was the Golden Era (88-93) and (94-98)

  • Igetsitin89

    gayino sucks

  • tcash94

    maino is hella wack…sorry

  • tmoney0212

    Maino more like lame-o, nigga too cocky

  • hollywood32ful

    People have so much courage on the internet LMAO

  • whiteowl16

    “That nigga did a Haiku” lol

  • icuent504

    See I knew these niggas was wack….no substance..

  • icuent504

    Maino ur wack…ur not a mob

  • dbonefont85

    @ BenArellano, this is what hip hop was originated off of. The drug game and how we survived it. It’s people like you that keep up that sorry ass state of mind of thinking that hip hop moves away from its roots.

  • Ben Arellano

    Someone tell them that’s its almost 2013 and no one wants to hear you talk about coke and shooting guns anymore

  • psychobeefstick

    another group that reminds me of 15 year old source and xxl mags that says they are the next to blow…….lmao….i got those mags still….. i got stories about how much those cats charge for verses now.

  • BlakePlaya

    Stop lying.

  • lilak5150

    Thought it said Black Fag Mafia… phew…

  • twinboyz2004

    push is wack sorry Mano drop him off G real talk

  • BlakePlaya

    Oh wtf I thought it said The Black Fag Mafia

  • Justin Rooks



    Really? Its “more than just a group” nigga? Fuck outta here.


    how are you going to try and build a brand with a name that will never be associated with you… when someone talks about mafia they wont think maino & his group, they will think of something else… not the smartest choice of brand names… the mafia lol… hustle hard M’s freestyle sounded like 50cent lol same exact flow for at least the first half…

  • H2T

    Jacks arms look as long as a childs arm but brolic. He is still a legend though

  • brixs1231

    check out my videos..type in…brixs1231

  • brixs1231

    check out my videos type in..brixs1231