Marcus Canty Talks Singing For Rihanna; New EP; X Factor Performance


Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Marcus Canty for an exclusive interview! Marcus talks about his Wale Collab, new EP “This…Is Marcus Cant…

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  • MrDccc1234

    plz check out my music música

  • Stephanie P

    Kendrick said Marcus CAMBY, he was talking about the basketball player.

  • Shannon Gerald

    Pussy fix your panties


    You niggas markus canty, washed up. Is he the one kendrick rapped about?

  • BoeGraa

    What are you doing Jack?! Now he’s gonna kiss the hoes on the mouth

  • BoeGraa

    LMAO 3:57

  • nyakzn18

    he really does

  • Sheldon Williams


  • T Shubert

    Lmao the baby boy clip

  • SupremeGrim

    Lol @ the Baby Boy scene.

  • Kianna Banks



    His EP is dope AF though but he do sound just like Mario especially on used by you

  • Rick S

    Homie sounds like Mario 

  • blakkshadow82

    Jack is a damn fool lol

  • blakkshadow82

    Lol @ that scene from Fresh

  • Sheridan St Jules

    “we friends now and we bouta become family” lmao

  • FoFivem

    lol at the crying scene