Mariah Carey conference call


It’s your girl Mizz Saigon, and as always I have the newest music out thanks to Young Savv and everyone at The Best of Both Offices and Def Jam. I was lucky enough to be on the Mariah Carey conference call yesterday. Mariah teams up with Rick Ross and Meek Mill for her first single Triumphant (Get ’em).She said working with Rick Ross was a great experience and incredible,that she’s a fan of his music and thought that the contrast of their voices would be great. Mariah also said working with Meek Mill bought an excitement and a newness to the song and that working with the two was a big deal to her. Mariah says she loves doing collabos and working with new people. When asked what can we expect she said, she’s not trying to follow any particular trend and wants to stay true to herself. Carey says she loves music and writing and doesn’t know what she would be doing if she wasn’t doing music. Mariah said there are other artist on the album but she would like to keep that to herself for now. Until then check out “Triumphant (get em) ft. Rick Ross and Meek Mill:

02 Triumphant (Get ‘Em) – Dirty "02 Triumphant (Get ‘Em) – Dirty"

Mizz Saigon,YNVS and VC…It Ain’t Real Until It Is Written

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