Mindless Behavior – HNHH Exclusive Interview

  • Shane

    Dam they getting so big! 17

  • Danielle White

    Prinston is so gourgus

  • JBubbles143

    the way how ray said it ” No I’m not scared if spiders,alligators,Non of dat”

  • lolzpower

    That girl hella like them xD

  • beautybyshalaya

    i respect how all of the boys r playing around and prodigy is being serious… You can tell that he knows thier is a time for play and a time for work.. Mama taught him well

  • beautybyshalaya

    lol. they so dumb

  • beautybyshalaya


  • pOsTeD143fLaVoRsZ

    I Love Prodigy

  • MsProdgyLove

    wats your name my fist and your face will get along real well he is my man
    naw just kidding but serious wat ur name and back off

  • Mz LaLa

    Prodigy looks kind of sad ! awwe ♥

  • Ariel Kemp

    lmao at ray ray at 3:30

  • Ariel Kemp

    i love mindless behavior ray ray and roc is soooo sexy luv u guys!!!!

  • cuntrythic1

    lady:can u describe ur #1 girl
    prince; u can start roc royal since der arent many ppl represented u
    roc:*looks at prince*
    prince: go

  • Oumou Bah

    like prodigy said don’t let person bring you down

  • cuntrythic1

    me too

  • Skye Weston

    i hav apet hate of slouching and wen prodigy was slouching the wholee time i just wanted to be behind him making him stand straight *maybe doin a lil more but forget dat*


    3:43-3:47 lmao Prince and Roc

  • NaomZzz

    2:12 Princeton is so cute haha

  • ladyhawk2242

    I love y’all y’all smexxi expecially prod

  • Tasha Fortin

    Ray Ray likes girls that are “active” and “have a lot of energy”

  • nani thuggin

    ctfu in 3:20 look how princeton looks at roc royal

  • rebecca haith

    Fine to die four i wanna paas out huuu

  • jaeda9

    princeto just let them

  • jaeda9

    @aqua blue rayray is much better than all of them

  • ArayaLuvsPrinceton

    Princeton At Liike 6:30 When He Lick His Lips ! # Dead !