Nina B, Jon Connor and others shut SOBs Down!


It’s your girl Mizz Saigon and I have to say I absolutely love what I do! Video City flooded SOBs recently! Nina B,Waheeda,Karin,Chanel,Karteezy,of course myself and even Dee Vasquez from Hot 97 came out! We all went to show support for my girl Nina B. I have been trying to catch her perform for the longest and that night I was not going to miss! And I am glad I didn’t. Nina B‘s energy was so live and her confidence was on high! She is not only a lyricist and business woman she is a performer. When you go to see Nina B your are going to see a show. She goes in for the ladies. She made me wanna just let loose but I was holding my camera and the clips would’ve been to shaky for you guys to see anything. Take a look at Nina B:
That’s what I’m talking about someone really representing for the ladies. Next up Jon Connor… if you dont know who he is read my older post on him. Besides the fact that Jon Connor is a dope lyricist there is an air about his performance. Watch and see what I mean: Along With Nina B and Jon connor, Adot Pdot, Kris Kassanova and Pill had some dope performances. The likes of Dj Kayslay,Skzoo,Dee Vasquez and my boy Kelo Gramzunkut came out to show love!! Who’s better than me to watch Hip Hop come alive in these artist in the mist of artist who are not true to this game. On that note I’m out!! Mizz SaigonIt ain’t real until it is written!!

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