• armstrongbe

    Interesting movie, but at the end all 4 guys get in the lift. Those of you who know Stratford, that lift goes nowhere but to a multi-storey car park. lol

  • christina iku

    I totally disagree. This film was actually based on these guys true life stories and in TRUE LIFE people do deal with these issues. To sensor such stories simply to play into some forced notion of positivity is counter productive. And actually i think the film’s point was that these guys came through the negative into a positive place. I think their stories were refreshingly uplifting. Try watching again without the judgement goggles maybe?

  • TheLami123

    Loved it! Great job

  • HumbleK1

    you should concentrate more while watching there were four different paths in the film that all crossed but none the less four DIFFERENT paths some ‘positive’ some ‘negative’. A great piece of work guys i enjoyed watching it.

  • Dat Reekz

    Sikk, each of dese films has a real life lesson

  • aaron20ah

    Everybody who was a part of this should be really proud, awesome work.

  • Mehmet Balta

    Good work.

  • Rayz786 .

    every single one of these films features black people, why not do mixed with asians and whites? or maybe separate white, black and asian gang’s,

  • lDynamitee

    dat would be boring…

  • DailyParTV

    considering this is grime daily, last time i checked you don’t find lawyers and such y’know doing grime really

  • iAMiCeMusic

    Really good.

  • Oliver Greaves

    Well done guys.

  • blackballyfilms

    great film, great directing

  • M Bekz

    Very creative. Look forward to seeing more.

  • youngflexman

    why is that in every film starring black pple they aways have to portray a character who lives up to the black stereotype. why not show young black people who are doing something positive in the community smh

  • TheGamingGuru001

    Yeah this was cold!

  • Sparbz Producer

    Another great movie, powerful write way doing there ting

  • MissTobiTV

    I love this story!

  • Craig Bradshaw

    Excellent short….Not a religious man myself, but recognise the message is more of change and alternatives to those in front of one’s faces. Positive message for a change….nice to watch. Touching…cheers for the 28mins of sanity.

  • TobiIzedomi

    Brilliant. Loved it!

  • 999AfroSamurai

    That was a very good watch, big up

  • DopeMuzicEnt

    watch later ting 

  • UpriseMusicTV

    This is BIG!