Pleasure P Clears Up Child Molestation Allegations


Pleasure P Clears Up Child Molestation AllegationsThisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Pleasure P for an exclusive interview. He talks about the rumor of the child molestation allegations a while back, watch what he has to say!

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  • russycox

    Luv p bt that hair was looking real suspect LOL

  • matthewjamal

    i wonder what artist he got to do his hairline?

  • Marquis Leffall

    Pleasure p real nigga for saying his chain was not real

  • oneillaaron23

    if ders a chance he didnt do anything, then you dont believe it, why, cus its a mans life your messing with

  • lIIIlIll

    He don’t quit at life. His hairline quit at life.

  • lIIIlIll

    We not laughing at you! We laughing with you! Naw Im lying. : )


    Does this nigga have a spray painted caesar ?


    Pleasure Pedophile, LOL

  • dipo4life79

    dats bogus they spreading lies on this dude men people are heartless hope them fake bloggers get sanduskyied lmao

  • abukar70

    you really have nothing else to do . wow you are bored

  • JCInsatiable319

    His album never went double platinum but agree with what u said.

  • JBthePharoh

    “A Lie can be half way around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes”

  • HairAndMoreIsh

    P’s cd was da shit!!!!


    He got that Carlos Boozer hairline!

  • snellsman

    Hit me on the hotlinnnnnne lol jack stupid

  • Themost Incrediblehulk

    looks like a nonce

  • BboyMino

    That was funny as hell dawg hahahahaha!!

  • purplespite

    this fucka spray painted the top of his head black
    and the almost started crying at the end!!!

  • jnicemint

    *Mike Epps Voice*:’u’ll never find….blon! blon! blon! blon!… a hairline like mine!

  • ofwgsupr3mehat

    He sprayed his hair black u could tell

  • ofwgsupr3mehat

    Wtf wrong wit his hairline hahaha

  • FreakOfNature314

    at least chingy was fckn grown ass man bitchs….n not lil b0yz

  • FreakOfNature314

    wtf happend to dat nigga lining

  • Igetsitin89

    this nigga sprayed his head black

  • Igetsitin89

    chill their hairlines are cousins