Rain Pryor Talks Racial Issues; Untold Richard Pryor’s Stories; Her Plays


Stay tuned for part 2! Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Rain Pryor for an exclusive interview! She speaks on being the daughter on Richard …

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  • twinboyz2004

    All this time and I didnt know that was his daughter she looks like his ass


    amen to that

  • bajestar24

    Great interview. Looking foward to part 2.

  • mnlkthms

    I use to be in love with her and cree summer

  • Lorenzo Vazquez

    that hair is a mess *zack galifinakis voice

  • Durrelle Bryan

    There’s nothing better than a cool ass female.

  • Lmichelle Michelle

    She told the truth there! California n!##@’s get on my nerves with their self hating, wanna-be asses. I LOVE the east!

  • tswagg504

    looks just like pops.

  • Archer Cillian

    I really like Rain Pryor’s titties.

  • Allleyd

    Mos Def – May-December

  • ommginri

    She is very intelligent you can tell by how she means what she says and not a conformist like the saying God Damn I don’t use people is so programmed or calling Locks dread or dreds all that is not the origin and is deformation to Black and God and who is created in his image the Black Man.

  • YoungKnoccOut

    instrumental song in the beginning? PLEASE

  • chucknastyness

    IM Black from the movie CB4

  • onebookerofficial

    That was really interesting!

  • Sincere410

    jack taking over ! This is the most I been intrigued by a interview in a while , ima look her up

  • Sincere410

    She look just like him ..geesh

  • 602virginia

    Fuck brad Pitt this is bout black actors not enabled crackers

  • spian

    whats the other dudes name..brad pitt?” ignorant much? lol the fuck dont know brad pitt?

  • Rushi Patel

    Good interview no doubt

  • lolineskurukuru

    what was that song about black called?

  • HighlandDiamond



  • hbcfam

    Loved this interview! I been a fan of her’s since “Head Of The Class”!!

  • MrSlicker99

    This was great insight 1 of my favourite stand comedian richard pryor

  • 8701gg