Rapper, The Game Spits On Female Fans & Entourage Gropes Female Breast!!!!! (Graphic Video & Photos)



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game2When I first heard of this story, I didn’t actually believe it until I saw it for myself! The Game and his entourage were at a Bourbon Bar nightclub in Australia, when some female fans tried to get his attention he began cursing them out and spit on them! Watch the video below:

It get’s worse! In the next video The Game’s crew, including rapper Kid Red, can be seen gathering around a woman who they had invited on stage at the HQ Complex in Adelaide. The woman appears visibly uncomfortable as Kid Red approaches her and tries to remove her top himself. The Game begins urging the unwilling female fan to show her breasts at the show. “Show us your t—ies,” The Game yells several times, prompting cheers from the audience. Game’s crew continue to grope her and eventually push her off stage when she refuses! Watch the disturbing video below.

A fan who attended the concert said a fight broke out after the show when a member of The Game’s entourage made advances on a male fan’s girlfriend. South Australian police confirmed officers were called to a “massive fight” at the venue at 10.40pm.

I am outraged and disgusted by this treatment to women from The Game and his posse! I hope they take this matter to court and sue him for everything he’s worth! What has gotten into The Game?!?! What if this was your sister or daughter? There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for this behavior and he should be severely punished!!!! Period!

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  • Nanik

    Pretty sure he is just doing middle fiengr strength exercises to prepare for really forceful flipping off of coaches, teammates, meter maids ticketing unauthorized handicap spot parking, clerks forgetting to ask if he wants to supersize that meal, etc.

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    Rapper, The Game Spits On Female Fans & Entourage Gropes Female Breast!!!!! (Graphic Video… http://t.co/biGGFekp