So Potent by Flow 187 (Music Video Contest Winner)


Don’t Forget to Subscribe! // Check out Flow 187’s music video, our first winner for the 100K YouTube Giveaway (25K Le…

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  • GorgonDrageil

    I could literally shoot a better vid with my cellphone… WITH MY CELLPHONE…

  • GorgonDrageil

    But my eyes see just fine… and what I’m *seeing* is a sub par video…

  • GorgonDrageil


  • Shotty569

    so you just picked a random video right?

  • Morgan Holt

    This shit is dope as fuck. Nice job. Fuck anyone who says this shit is wack. Clean ya ears out bitch!!!

  • PajaritoBoomBoom

    This is a really chill song, dope

  • TheOsokrazy

    Loved the video! Check out episode 2 of my show “Stoners Grinding” please link is on my page! I promise you will enjoy!

  • SuperDuperDumbHigh


  • Anerdi1

    Hot track!!!

  • Xavzon

    wee ses are