Soul Food by Those Guys [HeatSeekers Video Edition]


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  • mrtuloletsholo

    pretty dope well done guys u deserve it!!

  • Elle Tolliver

    Love me some good hip-hop music!!!!

  • Britney Rhodes

    Good hip hop music, love love love it! I love my boys! :) <3

  • Mary Holland

    Fun video! Can’t stop listening to you guys!

  • sundermanveronica

    Awesome song and sick video! I wanna be in one, looks so fun!!! :-)

  • Abby Gertz

    awesome video! <3 you jake money :)

  • theebrittanytrent

    This song caught my phone on fire

  • David Milburn

    whats for dinner? soul food

  • Theo Milburn

    And thats all playa , you did it for the money yous a fraud playa, snap back , v neck , rosary on deck, she thinkin that she F*ckin with a ball playa .

    that is fire

  • Casanova Jones

    Nice…. .

  • YupThoseGuys


  • Lauren Morris

    Doooopppppppe 😉

  • Jake Money

    Thats a classic Junt right there

  • RockIsFresh

    Haha, good one…

  • botelhoa666

    Awesome video !!!

  • br45508

    Man to think I went to school with these guys…good shit

  • TheWorldOfJamal

    Real Hip Hop

  • dustinsvenkerud

    This is a great song and video!!

  • CMinn

    lol, I thought you said ‘hip hop’, not pop bro rap

  • Marcus Measimer

    Feelin those filters. 

  • Jake M

    This is fire! GOOD HIP HOP MUSIC!