Nina B

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In 2006, Founder Doug Ingber personally recruited the renowned NINA B of Ravenel Records. Growing up in the streets of New York it is Nina, Doug says, that captures the true essence of Video City Television. Nina B is a native New Yorker who was born in the Bronx and raised in Brooklyn. At the tender age of 6, Nina recorded her first rhyme on her play school recorder. By age 9, she had written enough to have a catalog of poetry and music. By age 16, Nina was offered a major record deal, which she professionally declined. By 19, NINA B was an active participant in Russell Simmons/Bruce Willis Art Start and Hip-Hop Project, where she met Amber Ravenel, CEO of Ravenel Records. As Nina continues to be one of the top female MC’s in the game, she has emerged as one of the more dynamic TV personalities in the industry.