VC Fam at Rock The Bells


mizz saigon at rtbIt’s your girl the Blogstress Mizz Saigon and yes we were at the Rock The Bells Concert!!! Now, we all know that the Rock The Bells concert is an all day festival. I got to the pier around 4:30 and the line for the concert was crazy long. On top of that, the boat waited to fill up which was not fulfilling my impatient needs. However, it was Rock the Bells and I was gonna enjoy myself anyway, I mean I was a main stage guest and it doesn’t get any better than that! Finally the boat started moving and I was on with my 5 min cruise right on over to Governor’s Island. When I got off the boat I walked what seemed to be miles. (not really) My connect for this event picked me up and drove me in a golf cart the rest of the way to the main stage area, where I met up with Dominique Da Vj and fellow VC fam Karin. As soon as I got to the main stage area I was bought onto the stage with Dominique Da Vj. I must admit if I ever doubted where I needed to be in life that moment was when I knew that I was on the right track. I was a little upset that I missed Mos Def’s performance, but never fear on the stage he appeared! Just as soon as I seen mos Def, the lovely Erykah Badu was coming through to perform on stage. Erykah Badu’s presence was that of a honest genuine person, and When Badu got on stage it came to life! just look at the crowd! After that unbelievable performance by Erykah Badu it was time to clear the stage and get ready for the next act. So we went to the trailer area where we bumped into DJ Premiere, Pete Rock, AZ and Peter Gunz. Nas came out his trailer and interacted with everyone. I was pleasantly surprised, he was exactly how I thought he would be. MC Search walked over to Nas and I knew I had to get a pic with these two classics no flash and all!! As usual I bring it to you raw! Unfortunately, with all that excitement we got back to the stage too late for Lauren Hill’s performance, so they put us in a section where we were up close to view her performance however, they told us we absolutely could not take pics in that area. So I had to search to get this clip: Lauren Hill was all that I hoped she’d be. And I could have passed out seeing Pras and her coming together the way they did! The feeling in the atmosphere was all love and Lauren Hill did that. Watching her reach out to her fans was mesmerizing. I sang my heart out along with Miss Hill as Dominique Da Vj looked at me and laughed! This is why I love what I do! Next up Nas! Speechless!! I’m counting on Nas to bring the love of Hip hop back! There were so many artists and even another stage! I didn’t get to see them all, but you can be sure I’m going back next year. Rock The Bells was the best this year to me. The fact that I got to share this experience with my daughter Dominique Da Vj, two generations of Hip Hop and still going was Awesome!.mizz saigon n dominique da vj It reminded me of what Hip Hop is really all about! All the fans standing around me were of all nationalities bought together for the love of Hip Hop. It’s not just about music, it is a culture!!! Stay tuned for my posts on “What The F Happened To Hip Hop?” Mizz Saigon, VC Fam, Video City we outchea!!!!!


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