Video City at Rebel


Video City was at Rebel Tuesday night. We were there showing support for the Burnitdown Group and Rich Weirdo presents: Music, Art and Fashion Fusion event. Karin (director of Burnitdown Group’s marketing) and I were there looking beautiful as always. It’s always live when the VC fam is in the building!

Mizz Saigon and Karin

Now, even though they showed us no love at the door I was impressed with the crowd and the atmosphere. With my favorite drink in hand (Vodka and red bull) I sat down and the show started immediately. I was lucky to be witnessing a performance by an artist named Loot. There was a live band on stage that sounded amazing! The violinist was unbelievable. When Loot got on the mic, it all became complete. The melody of “Kryptonite” just caught me, with his effortless flow against the band playing. In Press On his mesmerizing lyrics talks about obstacles in life. Accept them and keep it moving. We can all relate to that.

But the song I liked the most from this artist was a song called “Before Time” This is one of the realest songs I’ve heard in a long time. He made me feel what he felt, that’s how well this story was told. The struggle of having a baby before time, as seen through his eyes was something serious. What we think are mistakes can very well be blessings. Don’t get it twisted he can definitely spit with the best of them. But his range in what he can do makes him way more than a rapper. Loot is a true artist. And to top it all off he bought Manny Delvalle to the stage to bless us with his amazing vocals! This kid has a crazy buzz going on right now. With songs like “PYT” and “No One Else” he is proving that he can be the next pop star and teen heart throb. Now, with everyone doing the same thing in the music industry it is hard to stand out. However, Loot has found the ingredients to do just that. Bravo! Mizz Saigon says if you don’t know you better find out fast and check Loot out at!

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