Wale x HNHH – Gifted Heatseekers Video Contest


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  • Jeffrey Oda

    “I want $10,000 from HNHH YouTube!”

  • musiclover84533

    download wale new album ”’the gifted”’


  • Only1NicoleGee

    Check my videos out!!

  • E Berrios

    The link doesn’t work
    I’ve been trying to get the full details for a couple days now.

  • Alexander Mickens

    The Facebook link isn’t working.

  • Taurus YSR

    “Bad” by Wale

  • Gilles Labranche

    Cool !

  • KiddAverage

    What’s the song in the background.?

  • Joebarly Sabillo

    I want $10,000 from HNHH YouTube

  • TorontoSkelly

    im from toronto

  • TorontoSkelly


  • TorontoSkelly

    soundcloud . c o m /skelly-gang

  • TheBoyRavage

    Yung Saw gonna be there. belee that pleighbwoi