What’s this Blog all about Sayyed?


Get the info you need! My blog is dedicated to the Indie music artist. (Sometimes we will discuss film as well) In the music Industry there is such a gap of information that almost never gets to the Indie artist and the labels aren’t in any rush whatsoever to give out any info on how to get at them, often even managers are guilty of this omission. Then there are the media wolves. They know ALL of this information but they tag the title, “Consultant” under their names and charge artists for this information, including charging the artist for things the artist if they knew, would clearly do for themselves. This fact sickens me, in fact it is what prompted me to become an artists manager in the first place. Not at all what I planned on doing.

Remember, for those who know me, I am a filmmaker first, a record exec second and a Copyright consultant always. Never planned on managing artists, but the few I do manage, are friends whom I care about, so I took on the responsibility to protect them, I even manage one artist for ‘No Fee’ just to get this artist to a good manager who especially has more time. The things I tell you in my blog are truth with no Bull! I implore you to take full advantage of this blog and the information it contains and build your success as whatever type of music artist you are becoming.

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