Wiz Khalifa Addresses Critics, Stereotypes, Talks We Dem Boyz, New Album + More

http://www.hardknock.tv Nick Huff Barili of Hard Knock TV, in collaboration with www.GRAMMY.com sits down with Wiz Khalifa for in-depth interview. In part 1 Wiz talks to Nick Huff Barili about…

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  • REBELL utIONing

    Wondering when this was recorded. Him still calling Amber his wife and all.
    His dreads seem as long as they have been recently so maybe they worked
    something out? Who knows.

  • JonesSoda15

    With all that money you’d think he’d eat -.-

  • teshia williams

    i love the way he talks about being a father and even with what he is going
    through with amber he still says my wife omg he is a great person and so
    real wiz keep it up baby

  • Clover Play

    Song on 5 minutes?

  • pat dore

    dont think wiz is unhealthy , he may look it a bit , but he lookd the same
    sinse day 1 , never seen em uncomfortable , he always keepin it movin on
    some beast mode grind , also its hes clothe that make em look even more
    skinny , im the same size but i refuse to wear button shirts like he does
    not a good look on skinny people

  • Jerome khan

    Lmfaoo I heard this nigga made 2 songs with John Cena 

  • xXx_True_kickz_xXx

    He’s starting to look like snoop not gonna lie

  • fabo Sanchez

    666 views must be a coincidence 

  • Tru Swag

    I love Wiz, but I feel like he’s smoking too much grass…Don’t get me
    wrong, I don’t have anything against weed, I’d even like it legalized, but
    look at how he looked back in 2010, and look at him now, he looks way less
    healthy. I am genuinly worried about him. I wish he’d go back to his Cabin
    Fever or Rolling Papers days…

  • Young Tim
  • Joshua Peters

    Did homeboy get ebola or something. Dude needs to eat


    Wiz fell off after Rolling Papers 

  • Ramses Armenta

    I can only tolerate his music when Im very stoned but other than that, this
    was a great interview!

  • Nike013

    Wiz makes music for teenagers and is a big reason why weed is more popular
    than ever, especially among teens. On a side note, I knew there was no way
    Amber Rose was sexually attracted to this nigga

  • TheAeasy19

    Wiz is wack. But it’s working for him! 

  • hardknocktv

    New Video: Wiz Khalifa Addresses Critics, Stereotypes, Talks We Dem Boyz,
    New Album + Much More

  • Samuel Kettler

    I have a new found respect for wiz khalifa after watching this interview.
    Another thing tho is that he looks like a really skinny snoop dogg in 1992
    as well which I can’t guage as a good thing or a bad thing

  • XUrbanTV1

    Check out this video on YouTube:


    Wiz is defiantly one of my favorites artist out there, so its nice to watch
    these “deep” interviews with him